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Keyword being CREATE even though dope is in all caps. I emphasize create because I believe every project I take on tells its own unique story. I’m not your conventional creative who likes to creates content for the sake of it looking good. Creativity is a journey, difficult and tiresome but the end result will always be worth it.


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A Little about me


You could be anywhere on the internet right now, but you're here with me. I really appreciate that. About myself; I'm a Marine Corps veteran, I served 5 years as a Combat Photographer, received an Honorable Discharge in 2013. Soon after I enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design where I would receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in the spring of 2017. I’ve worked both in the professional and freelance sector.

People often ask me what it is I shoot and I HATE saying everything. But it’s the truth, I’m diverse in what I do and I’m able to adapt to any situation.

Now that I have your attention

Don’t contact me if you just need someone with a camera or someone who does graphic design. Contact me to help bring your vision to life. And you want it to be DOPE!

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